Posted on: February 23, 2018

City of Bel Aire Awarded for Efforts to make Working and Breastfeeding Easier for Employees

Bronze Widget - Breastfeeding

The award is based on proven and established standards to benefit employers and employees. It recognizes organizations that provide support services to their breastfeeding employees, to include education as well as the time and space for employees to nurse and/or pump breastmilk at their workplace.  The award, the third ranking of three sponsored by the Coalition, was presented by Brenda Bandy, Executive Director for the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition.

According to Brenda, the City of Bel Aire received the award for achieving a high level of support to their employees as outlined in the Coalition’s criteria.  She said they provide a “bronze level” pumping room, allow flexible time to pump, and have instituted a policy of breastfeeding support.

"Many Kansas employers recognize the benefits of supporting their breastfeeding employees.  We want to shine the spotlight on as many employers as we can for doing their part to make returning to work while breastfeeding easier in hopes that will encourage more businesses to follow suit," says Martha Hagen, a Kansas WIC state breastfeeding coordinator.

For information about the Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition, Inc. or the Business Case for Breastfeeding program, contact Brenda Bandy at (785) 477-4666 or bbandy@ksbreastfeeding.org.

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