Welcome to the City of Bel Aire

City of the Future with Respect for Its Past! We feel the tagline of our community says a great deal of who we are, and what we believe. Our past delivered us to our present...commitment, dedication, and perseverance will boldly drive us into the future.

Bel Aire is an inviting community with strong businesses and wonderful people. With a population just over 7,000 and its close proximity to Wichita, Bel Aire is afforded the amenities of big-city living, while being able to remain close to its small-town roots. In addition, nearby major transportation networks and available resources foster an environment of healthy business creation and expansion.

These important characteristics make Bel Aire a great place to live, work, and raise a family. We invite you to take a look at our website, familiarize yourself with our community, and see for yourself why we are proud to call Bel Aire home!

Festivals and Celebrations

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall the Bel Aire community gathers together in celebration. The friendly neighborhood spirit is present at these events in which friends and family are able to join together, have fun, and enjoy the festival events. 

Each year residents look forward to these annual events:
  • Spring Festival & Easter Egg Hunt
  • Hot Dawg's Pool Party
  • Fall Festival
  • Holiday Open House

Quality of Life

When the work day ends, Bel Aire's greatest advantage shines. Located minutes away from Kansas' dining, shopping, and entertainment capital, Bel Aire enjoys the metropolitan advantage while preserving the values of small town community. Bel Aire offers a safe, friendly environment for employees and their families From great local schools and recreation to active senior groups, Bel Aire has something for every age and interest:
  • Bel Aire Recreation Center offers a wide range of programs for all ages, including youth sport leagues, exercise and gym facilities and a broad range of group activities and classes.
  • Bel Aire boasts two active Senior organizations that cater to community members over age 55.
  • Bel Aire maintains 5 public parks on which include two lakes and several playgrounds.
  • Over 90% of Bel Aire residents report commutes of 30 minutes or less.