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Bel Aire has a Council - Manager form of government where the mayor serves for two years and is not limited on the number of terms. Council members are elected to serve for a term of four years and are also not limited on the number of terms. The council members serve staggered terms, with two positions elected for four years, and then two years later the remaining three positions are elected for four years terms.
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Duties of the Mayor

The Mayor presides at the City Council meetings and recommends measures deemed advisable, votes in case of a tie, and has the power to veto any ordinance passed by the Council.

The Mayor also appoints members to city boards with the consent of the Council.


The City of Bel Aire does not engage in any direct lobbying. The City does not employ any staff members whose job duties include lobbying. The City of Bel Aire is a member of the League of Kansas Municipalities (LKM). LKM does engage in lobbying activities as part of their mission to unify, strengthen, and advocate for the interests of Kansas municipalities. The City paid $4,305.09 in membership dues to LKM for 2022. To learn more about LKM, visit the League website.