Planning & Community Development

The mission of the Building & Community Development Department is to ensure public safety through the enforcement of adopted building codes and licensing requirements for businesses and contractors. Building & Development staff continuously review the long range vision provided by the Planning Commission and Governing Body to ensure the goals and ideals of the whole community are reached. 
A house being constructed of wood

City of Bel Aire Zoning Regulations

Please view the City of Bel Aire City Code for all current zoning regulations.

  • Chapter 17 Building Codes: Outlines information pertaining to the residential construction code, commercial construction code, trade codes, fence code, sign code, erosion control requirements, and the property maintenance code.
  • Chapter 18 Zoning Regulations: Outlines information pertaining to permits, zoning districts/uses, setback requirements, conditional/special uses, parking/loading, landscaping/screening, and floodplain zoning. 
  • Chapter 19 Subdivision Regulations: Outlines information pertaining to plat requirements/approval, design standards, vacations/corrections and easements. 
  • Bel Aire Zoning Map

Do I Need a Building Permit?

If you are doing any home improvement project, then you may need a building permit. The Building Permit process and required inspections are not meant to be a deterrent to home improvement, but rather they are way to maintain the safety of you, your home and your community.

For more information, check out our list of projects on the Building Permits page that require a permit.

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