Licensed Contractors

To ensure quality construction and reputable business, Bel Aire requires contractors to be licensed by the City. Contractors are classified on the scope of work that they can perform and the level of liability coverage they are required to have:

  • Class A or General Contractors are allowed to construct, remodel, repair, and demolish any structure.
  • Class B or Building Contractors are allowed to construct, remodel, repair and demolish all structures up to 3 stories in height. Includes non-structural remodeling and tenant finish, and repairs of all structures.
  • Class C or Residential Contractors are allowed to construct, remodel, repair, and demolish single family or duplex residences and buildings accessory.
  • Class D or Specialty Contractors are allowed to perform installation, maintenance, repair and handling of their area of expertise. For example, the City of Bel Aire licenses contractors for sprinkler installation, plumbing, mechanical, and roofing contractors among other specialties.

License Application Forms

Before a license can be issued, contractors must complete the applicable form and supply all required documents. Once the license is approved, contractors may apply for a permit. Licenses are valid for one year from the date of issuance. 

Use the below tabs to view a list of Bel Aire licensed contractors. Please be advised that the City of Bel Aire does not provide recommendations on any particular contractor's work/services. This list should only be used as a reference for which contractors have completed the City's licensing process and are authorized to work in Bel Aire. For the most up-to-date information, please contact the Building and Zoning Department at 316-744-2451 ext. 120. 
  1. Class A Licensed Contractors
  2. Class B Licensed Contractors
  3. Class C Licensed Contractors
Bel Aire License No. Company Name Company Phone No.
A001 Simpson Construction Services, Inc. 316-942-3206
A002 Crossland Construction Company, Inc.
A003 Schellenberg Construction Co. 316-706-4260
A009 National Catastrophe Restoration
A010 DuraCon Construction, LLC 316-932-3335
A011 Accel Construction, LLC 316-866-2885
A012 Icon Structures, Inc.
A013 Homeland Construction Services, LLC
A015 J.E. Dunn Construction Co.
Use the below tabs to view a list of Class D Licenses for the various trade specialties. 
  1. Concrete
  2. Electrical
  3. Fence/Deck/Shed
Bel Aire License No. Company Name Company Phone No.
CS002 Rich Construction, Inc.
CS004 Beran Concrete, Inc. 316-618-6089
CS006 Thrasher Kansas Inc 800-827-0702
CS007 Rochel Concrete, LLC
CS009 Calvin Opp Concrete, Inc. 316-944-4600
CS024 C A Owen Construction 316-461-1168
CS026 Polo Concrete 316-617-9245
CS028 ICT Caliber Concrete
CS029 E&J Concrete and Dirt Work 316-207-7466
CS035 James Voegeli Construction
CS036 MT Construction, LLC
CS039 Plenert Excavating & Concrete LLC 620-386-0878
Barkley Construction
CS050 Ruiz Concrete
Triple C Concrete, LLC
CS052 MY Construction Company, LLC
CS053 J & JR Concrete
CS054 Ricky C Construction
CS096 Calvin Opp Concrete
  1. Mechanical
  2. Plumbing/Mechanical
  3. Plumbing/Sprinkler
Bel Aire License No. Company Name Company Phone No.
M001 Roth Heating & Air Conditioning 316-942-4141
M002 The Fenix Company, Inc. 316-945-4842
M003 Hanna Heating & Air Conditioning 316-945-3481
M004 Abel's Appliance Services 316-265-8884
M005 Fahnestock Heating & Air, Inc.
Service HQ of KS, LLC
M007 Cook's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. 316-945-2665
M009 Commercial Air Systems, LLC 316-978-0807
M011 Moody Heating & Air 316-262-7444
M012 Mike's & Sappio's Heating & Air Co. 316-263-7571
M014 Bragg Temp Control dba Kelley & Dawson Svc 316-263-7201
M017 We Care Heating & Air, LLC 316-518-6012
M019 Bryan's Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. 316-755-2447
M021 Rudy's Heating & Cooling, Inc. 316-712-8808
M024 Phil's Heating & Air 316-214-7617
M025 Midwest Mechanical 316-262-4259
M027 Dod Installations, Inc. 316-393-7500
M029 Epic Heating & Cooling
M031 General Heating & Cooling, LLC 316-644-1447
M032 Waldorf Riley Heating & Cooling
M033 Above and Beyond Heating & Air Conditioning 316-390-7923
M034 Home Safe Hearth & Chimney 316-265-9828
M041 South Central KS Economic Dev. District (SCKEDD) 316-262-7035
M042 Central Mechanical Wichita, LLC 316-267-7676
M047 Alpha Heating & Air
M048 Integrity Heating & Cooling 316-932-9559
M054 Another Heating & Air Company, LLC
M056 Asante Refrigeration, LLC
  1. Roof
  2. Roof/Siding
  3. Siding
  4. Signs
  5. Miscellaneous
Bel Aire License No. Company Name Company Phone No.
R003 L.J. Herzberg & Sons Roofing, Inc.
R005 Power, LLC
R006 Ozone Roofing, Inc
R007 Premier Roofing
R011 Douglas Fry Roofing 316-264-1511
R014 Ray Davis Construction
R020 Mahaney Group, Inc. 316-262-4768
R021 Rhoden Roofing, LLC 316-927-2233