Restricted Homeowner Projects

Homeowners are encouraged to maintain and improve their property as they see fit. However, there are some home improvement projects that, due to potential danger or technical difficulty, are restricted by City Ordinance.

Major projects in the which require a licensed contractor or advisement of the City Building Inspector:
  • Electrical work (Circuits, breaker boxes)
  • Mechanical work (Furnace, air conditioning, heat pumps)
  • Plumbing (Water heater, water pipes, sewer pipes, sprinklers)
  • Concrete (Driveway approach, city sidewalk, structural)

Adding Structures to a Home

Adding a structure to the outside of a home requires a drawing with existing structures and the proposed addition with dimensions. Finishing interior spaces require floor plans with dimensions with each room labeled. These drawings must be submitted to the City for review and approval.

Proposals must include:
  • All necessary applications completely filled out
  • Payment of all fees that apply to the project
  • Plan review
  • Qualifications of the person(s) doing the work
  • Valuation of a project includes plumbing, electrical and mechanical
When all paperwork is completed and approved you will be issued a permit card and telephone numbers to call for any inspections.