Crime Prevention

Neighborhood Community Policing Complaint Form

Residents can use the Neighborhood Community Policing Complaint Form to report ongoing problems in their neighborhoods, or while they were working or visiting within Bel Aire. We have designed this form for the purpose of allowing our community members to report ongoing issues that do not present an immediate danger to the public. The form also allows us to properly track problem areas and follow the steps that have been taken to correct them.

Form Evaluation

After completed, the Neighborhood Community Policing Complaint Form will be reviewed to determine if it is new or represents an ongoing issue that has already been reported. We will then try to evaluate the problem to see if it can be addressed using traditional policing methods, or if it would be better addressed using resources from other city or county departments, school groups, charitable organizations, neighborhood watches, senior citizen groups, or even local businesses. We believe that although a complaint may have a traditional policing method that can be used as a response, it may not be the most efficient way to address the problem.

Improved Problem Solving

The Bel Aire Police Department hopes this form will not only allow the community to report ongoing problems, but will give them an opportunity to volunteer in the problem-solving process. We would like our residents to notify us if they would be willing to directly assist us in addressing problems such as crime prevention, handing out crime bulletins or surveys, or even helping to repair damaged park equipment.

Community Policing Efforts

This form is a small part of our larger community policing efforts. We believe that problem-solving steps within our community begin with the members of our community not just reporting problems within their neighborhood, but suggesting solutions to those same problems. We hope that by taking the small step of completing this form you can help our department, our city government, and our neighborhoods identify public safety concerns within the community.

Crime Prevention Tips

Information from the National Crime Prevention Council:
  • Work with your neighbors to keep your neighborhood clean and orderly.
  • Keep spare keys with a trusted neighbor, not under a doormat or in the mailbox.
  • Set timers on lights when you're away from home or your business is closed, so they appear to be occupied. Illuminate or eliminate places an intruder might hide:
    • Alleys
    • Entryways
    • Hallways
    • Spaces between trees or shrubs
    • Stairwells
  • Have your children tell you or ask permission before leaving the house and give them a time to check in or be home. When possible, have them leave a phone number of where they will be.
  • Pick a neighbor's house where your children can go if they need help. Point out other places they can go for help, like stores, City Hall, and police stations.
  • Watch out for suspicious and unusual behavior in your neighborhood. Get to know your neighbors and their children so you can look out for one another.
  • Start an official Neighborhood Watch group. Click here or call the Bel Aire Police Department at 316-744-6000 for more information.


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