McGruff the Crime Dog®

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McGruff: Take a Bite Out of Crime!®

The Bel Aire Police Department would like to welcome you to one of the most exciting, and one of the most important aspects of community policing, crime prevention. We certainly cannot think of a better spokesperson, for crime prevention, than McGruff the Crime Dog®, who has been at the forefront of crime prevention education for more than two decades.

Foundation for Crime Prevention Programs

Today, many police and sheriff departments across America have implemented extensive crime prevention programs within their organizations, and have generally seen a lot of public interest in these areas. Yet, many including members of these same departments, are sometimes not aware of who has been responsible for a great deal of this emphasis on educating the public in the area of crime prevention. We believe that McGruff has provided the foundation for crime prevention programs for many communities today.

Our department believes that McGruff is without question the most recognized spokesperson for crime prevention in America, and we hope that McGruff will help us promote our crime prevention programs. We also hope that we can carry on in the tradition that McGruff began by providing quality crime prevention programs to our community.

Teaching Crime Prevention in the Community

We expect that McGruff will assist our department in teaching crime prevention topics at our neighborhood watch meetings; during special events like Bel Aire Days; during programs at our schools; during safety events like Bicycle Rodeo, and at other crime prevention programs. McGruff also may be available by request; for crime prevention programs; at block parties, or for crime prevention programs presented to smaller groups.

Thank You

Thank you for checking our McGruff section. We hope that even if you are not interested in attending any of our crime prevention programs, maybe you will simply come by and have your photo taken with McGruff. Please check back soon for updates and new photos of McGruff.