Tree City USA

Tree City USA Designation

One of the Tree Board's responsibilities is to secure the City's Tree City USA designation. As of 2021, the City of Bel Aire has been recognized as a Tree City USA for 25 years by meeting or exceeding the requirements for the Tree City USA program, a signal of the long-standing environmental commitment of our residents. To learn more about Tree City USA, visit the Arbor Day Foundation website.

Bel Aire is celebrating 25 consecutive years as a Tree City USA community, recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation.

Tree City USA - 25 Years

Annual Tree Care Reports

To obtain the Tree City USA designation, the City of Bel Aire, in conjunction with the Tree Board, must complete an annual Tree Care Report. Follow the below links to review the reports.

2015 City of Bel Aire Tree Care Report
2014 City of Bel Aire Tree Care Report
2013 City of Bel Aire Tree Care Report