Backflow Devices

The City of Bel Aire wants to ensure that all citizens have access to safe, clean drinking water. An important step toward achieving that goal is to confirm water being used for irrigation systems does not mix with contaminants such as pesticides and fertilizers that could "flow back" into the City's water distribution system. Every citizen who has an irrigation system connected to the City's water system is required to have a working backflow device. This ensures everyone has access to clean drinking water.

The City of Bel Aire water cross-connection control rules comply with the federal and state law to require backflow prevention devices for lawn sprinkler systems. Cross connections are points at which the drinking water supply is interconnected with hazardous liquids, gases or other unsafe substances. The rules and regulations were established by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment in accordance with the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act.

According to City policy, homeowners are required to keep backflows in good, working condition. Test reports are to be filed by June 1st of even-numbered years by a certified technician, licensed with the City of Bel Aire.  A $5.00 filing fee is required when submitting the form.

You may now complete and file your Backflow Test Online - Online Backflow Test Form.


A certified technician licensed with the City of Bel Aire is required to inspect and test the vacuum breaker every even year before the first day in June if the system is connected to the public water supply. The system is also required to be rebuilt or replaced upon failure of the backflow testing.


Irrigation systems not in use can be removed from the water system by disconnection and the installation of a permanent cap, per City specifications. Systems thus removed need to be reported to the City for inspection and filing. Once the system has been disconnected and inspected, the testing requirement will be waived for future years. Homeowners may disconnect their systems themselves provided they follow the City specifications. Contact the Building and Zoning Inspector for more information regarding disconnections.

The City is required by law to have these policies in effect to protect the public water supply. Fines and penalties can be accessed for noncompliance.

Please do your part to protect our water!