Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the project? 

360 working days. We are projecting a summer of 2023 project completion. Working days are considered M-F in which the Contractor can work without any unforeseen delays or inclement weather.

In the event of a 100-year rain event what are precautions are you taking? Is there an increase in the amount of storm water runoff during a rain event? 

This storm water drainage in this project is designed to contain the rainfall. It will be the Contractors responsibility to take the necessary precautions during each phase to handle this rainfall accordingly.

Is there anything being done to clean the channel app beyond the Project limits?

We will be correcting the channel within the construction limits of this project. Anything outside of the project limits is the City of Wichita jurisdiction.

When is day one of this project? 

Monday (11/15/2021) the full Notice to Proceed was issued.

Will the existing ditch go away?

Yes, the ditches will be filled in and the storm water drainage system will collect the rainfall run-off.

On Rodeo Street, there's only one way in-and-out so how are you going to maintain access?

In the scenario of a drive being the only entrance & exit, the contractor will take the necessary steps to keep it open. This usually consists of work being performed on half of the drive at a time to allow the public to use the other half.

How are you going to maintain access to the businesses along Woodlawn?

The Contractor will coordinate these scenarios by allowing the public to enter the business in some fashion. Either by working on half of the drive at a time or creating a rock entrance in another location.

Is there any landscaping being done on this project? 

Yes, sod and an assortment of plants and trees throughout the corridor.

What is the division of labor for Pearson subcontractors?

Pearson is the prime contractor while they have about 6 sub-contractors to complete the project. These subs consist of Reece, Dondlinger, Seeders, Pavement Pro’s, Phillips Southern Electric, RoadSafe, Bender Steel, and Uintah Land Surveying.

You mentioned social media and your presentation, where will that information be found?

The City will keep their website, Facebook, & twitter pages updated periodically.

You mentioned pedestrian crossings and pedestrian path, what will that configuration look like? 

The pedestrian crossing will be north of Odessa Street. The project will provide a 6' sidewalk on the East Side of Woodlawn and a 10' shared use walk on the West side. These will both run from 37th to 45th street.

What will the crossing at the railroad tracks be like?

The crossing location is not changing but the transition to the tracks will improve. The sidewalk in this area will cross the tracks with detectable warning tiles to notify the visually impaired individuals prior to reaching the tracks.

Will the sidewalk connect to the existing sidewalk North 45th street? 

Yes, this walk will connect to the existing walk north of 45th street.

Would it be possible to get more notification on when there will start working in our area?

We will do our best to get the notifications out as early as possible. Please check into the website as well as the message boards on site.

There was some talk about changing the plans. Is all the work on the original plans being done?  

Yes. Mayor Jim Benage answered this question: City staff is looking at some ways of doing some shared cost. The bids received from the contractors was higher than expected, but there were no changes made to this project.

Will the school districts be notified when changes are made?

Yes, we will get them as much notification as possible to plan bus routes accordingly.

What will be the configuration of the intersection at 45th street be? 

The 45th & Woodlawn intersection will turn into a traffic signal intersection with appropriate turn lanes.

Will there be access for parents transporting their kids to Isely elementary other than the marked detour?

Each phase provides an appropriate route to get around the construction site.

Is there a visual aid of the final design of Woodland?

Yes, please view the project concept on the Woodlawn information page.

With losing the parking along the access road near the park will there be parking added to support the park?

Yes, the project provides parking on Gunnison St. Approximately the same number of parking spots will be added as there were on the access road.

Will the lake be affected by the construction?

No, there will be very little change to the slopes along the lake.

Will the speed limit change?

No, the final speed limit upon completion of the project will stay at 40 miles per hour.

Some citizens who live on Woodlawn use the current sidewalk to get essentials as they do not have a vehicle. How will they be impacted by this project?

Similar to the vehicular traffic, the contractor will make the appropriate accommodations to provide a pathway to detour the construction area.