What if I am installing a new sprinkler system?

Installation of a lawn irrigation system requires a city permit whether the homeowner or a Bel Aire licensed contractor installs the system. Further, it is the responsibility of the building and premise owners to have each backflow preventer device tested and inspected immediately after initial installation. Thereafter, lawn sprinkler backflow devices shall be tested, and test results filed on even-numbered years.

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1. How do I comply with the City of Bel Aire’s backflow prevention device testing requirements for lawn irrigation sprinkler systems?
2. How can I file a backflow test form?
3. Who can I contact to complete my backflow device testing and what is the cost?
4. I am a contractor who would like to be licensed with the City of Bel Aire. How do I start the process?
5. What if I do not use my lawn irrigation sprinkler system and do not want to test my backflow device?
6. How often does the backflow prevention device need to be rebuilt?
7. Is a permit required to rebuild or replace a backflow prevention device?
8. What if I am installing a new sprinkler system?