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Adopt a Hydrant Program Application

  1. Adopt a Hydrant Program
    The City of Bel Aire maintains a number of fire hydrants. Fire hydrants are located every 500 feet on water mains to supply appropriate pressure and volume to extinguish fires to structures. It is important the fire hydrants are kept clean, painted and cleared of weeds, debris and snow.

    Responsibilities of the Adopting Property Owner, Individual, Organization or Group:
    - Weed-eat around the fire hydrant weekly or as needed.
    - Keep a four-foot radius around the fire hydrant clear of snow, weeds and other debris as needed.
    - Paint the fire hydrant annually or as needed. Paint colors and designs must be approved by the Public Works Director and Fire Department before painting.
    - Responsible for paint and brushes for a design that is not the basic silver and red.

    Responsibilities of Bel Aire and Fire Department:
    - Ensure the operation of the fire hydrant.
    - Provide paint and brushes for painting basic silver and red.
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