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Adopt a Park Program Application

  1. The Adopt-A-Park Program assists the City of Bel Aire with making Bel Aire a cleaner, enjoyable and more attractive place for all.
    Responsibilities of the Adopting Owner, Individual, Organization or Group:
    - Participant(s) are asked to pick up the specified area at once per week.
    - Participant(s) are asked to rake sand and mulch areas.
    - Participant(s) are asked to notify parks staff of any damage or repairs that are needed.
    - Participant(s) are asked to paint and stain equipment annually or as needed.

    Responsibilities of Bel Aire:
    - Provide the trash bags for the clean-up and materials for painting or staining.
    - In instances of excessive trash, the participant, organization or group is asked to stack the full bags in an area out of the way, but visible from the street.
    - The next business day after the clean-up, the Parks Department will go to the clean-up location and dispose of the bags.
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